DPS I Dynamic Pallet Systems

At DPS, we pride ourselves in offering premier service.  We know that it is important for our customer to have their pallets quickly and at price they can afford, without sacrificing any quality.  We have grown steadily while maintaining manageablility to become a progressive mid-sized company specializing in new and recycled pallet solutions.  We have become large enough to offer to provide consistently high quality, volume, and the best prices, yet small enough to offer an extraordinary level of personalized service.  We offer a complete range of creative solutions for your pallet needs.

 We offer:

C.O.D for Broken Pallet (CORES) Pick-Up

Pallet Repair Program                                                                      

Pallet Exchange Program                                                                                                                 

On-Site Pallet Services

New Custom size pallet

Pallet Export Treatment

Same Day Delivery or Pick-Up (For oders placed before 12pm PST)                                                        

Free Delivery (For orders of 100 pallets or more)

Pool Pallet Recovery (Chep, Peco, IGPS)

Trailer Drop and Swap

Detailed Pallet Activity and Documentation




7056 Archibald Ave 102-362 Corona, CA 92880   dynamicpalletsystems@gmail.com